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WIP: 4 Color Press Kit001

I've been working on an illustrator set that creates ben day fills based on a unique set of process colors. It's 45 LPI with the appropriate line screen angles for each color. There is a full set of screens from 10% to 90% (71˚ cyan, 18˚red, 0˚yellow, 45˚black).

It allows you to take shapes in illustrator, fill them, duplicate the shape, then fill with a second/third/fourth color to mix colors like Amberlith layers.

I've been experimenting with different applications, from standard coloring to fine art posters. Stay tuned, should be released soon.

Below are some details of a poster I'm currently working on using the COLORTONE 4 Color Press Kit #001.

—Poster WIP

—Poster WIP close-up

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